This is a blessing from him and his fans: Wutt Mhone will give life coverage to wellbeing laborers doled out to the Quarantine Center. The entertainer said she had a little gift to satisfy her desires during the Covid time frame. He said the gift is likewise an advantage for COVID-19 wellbeing laborers.

The present post is about a blessing that you might want to impart to us. Presently that Covid-19 needs to make a gift, it is extremely helpful for the wellbeing laborers and the emergency clinic staff to remain before them all.

He likewise said he would give life coverage to 400 wellbeing laborers at Phang Gyi Hospital. “The units that we will give presently will cost 10,000 kyats for all of the wellbeing laborers in the Phang Gyi Hospital, which will be the focal point of the Covid patients, and will get in excess of 10,000 kyats if something happens to the wellbeing specialist. So on the off chance that you are keen on giving, if it’s not too much trouble contact 099850220209 to give. This post is intended to be as light a weight as you can. Regard all wellbeing laborers. ” He proceeded.

Wutt Mhone is a significant wellspring of food and supplies for the individuals who are attempting to get by during the COVID-19 period. Covid’s defensive gear was given. It is right for a growing craftsman to make a gift. The Golden Retriever, who additionally experiences each birthday celebration, gives gold to the Kanebo promotion and film industry. He is an entertainer who has experienced childhood in advertisements and ads. Poo Shwe Yee won the 2013 Best Actress grant for her job “In the event that You Make It,” and the Academy’s Gold Star in 2015. On February 1, I gave to Aung Zabura Monastery in Hmawbi. In 2014, she won the Best Actress grant for Best Actress.

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