Thitha Sayadaw are going to be sent to Yangon within the morning of 15-6-2020 in Yangon. Dagon Myothit (North) Construction on 8-storey building of Thitagu Buddha Pagoda (Pin Lone) located on Pin-Pin Road.

He was inspecting the “Sitagu Advanced Medical Center”. Today, Dr Mya Aung, the chairman of the Thitagar Mission Medical Group, was equipped with modern testing equipment, which was installed at the Sedona Hospital this morning.

Sitagu Dr U Thein Myint (UK) and Sitagu Sayadaw center Dr Dr U Jing Lwin were amid the Venerable Sayadaw, Dr The Buddhist monk and therefore the Venerable Vayanaya were invited to the ceremony.

The study of the Sitagu Scandinavian Program from 1993 – January – January 2019 – end of December; He also provided 1,100,854 surgeries to the sunshine of Mind.

Sitagu – Ananda Arjuna, Thilawa Hospital – There are only 37 hospitals (still under construction). Sagaing Division – Pearl Township 39 Tanintharyi Division – Palaw Township, Yangon 40 Yangon – North Dagon Township 41 Tanintharyi Division – Myeik Township 42 Sagaing Division – Khamti Township 43 Sagaing Division – Inle Township 44 Mandalay – Kunming Township.

Sitagu Hospital (40), Sitagu Hospital (Yangon), are going to be informed of the enjoyment of the attention with a Grand Open wedding on the occasion of the permission of the Ministry of Health and Sports.

Sitagu Sayadaw is getting to build 45 hospitals throughout the country, and consistent with the present list, it’s set to open in Myanmar. Arjuna, it’ll be ready to complement the general public health sector with variety of 44 public hospitals.

Myanmar Health Sector Volunteer donors, donors, donors, donors, donors, and donors from the Thilawa Sayadaw Hospital (Yangon), which has been ready to fulfill the requirements of health care providers in one area.

It is well documented that the Sagittarian Mission is looking for a special dedication of the Donor. Credit – The Sitagu Missionary Team

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