Zaw Htay, a representative for the Ministry of the President’s Office, said that the facts used to demonstrate that the land titles were given to Naypyidaw pioneers in Naypyitaw. The data is being deceived and disinformed. It was a decent offer. ”

In any case, he said that the plot of land depicted on Social Media was stretched out to the degree that it was impractical for the 8 sections of land to be cleared and the intention was to be extended at the Presidential Palace in Nay Pyi Taw on June 19. Association Ministers serving at Union level; He clarified that the application is dependent upon an ostensible charge for candidates of higher political positions.

Other Union Ministers; Deputy pastors to convey applications come this sort has been bringing the design field. “At the point when it’s resigned individuals who serve in political positions granted by the state as a conventional help.

Truth be told, the facts confirm that the land has been set down. There are experts. Indeed, the individuals who came up there were correct. The width of the field has been extended. In the event that the agent serve is level, there will be around 250 feet If the Director General is level 100 feet, According to the president, the level is around 400 feet. The other thing is to construct a log lodge and that might be finished by the contractual worker, “he said.

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