Disaster management and food assistance were provided to families of the displaced people in Taunggyi Township. Yangon Region Taikkyi Township Village tract village tract in orange farm; Village tract, Elephant village and Elephant camp village tract; The Shan State Department of Disaster Management provided food and cash to 12 families of 4 families who had damaged their homes and crops on June 12 and 16 in Kanthaya village on June 19 and 16.

Costs for the four damaged homes were K 20,000,000. consistent with a disaster management department, 12 million kyat and 11 relief items were provided for 12 people. Rice Residents said that sugar cane fields were damaged and other people were dying.

Taunggyi Township, Taipei Township, September 6, 2017 On the 9th and 15th of the day, there have been 10 houses; a fireplace broke out on September 24, and 7 houses were destroyed within the fire in Kyaungbaung village, Okkalone village, on September 24, and 7 houses were destroyed on 12 January, 2012, and nine houses were destroyed in Chiang Kone village and 4 villages within the village tract.

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