You’re the Z who is attempting to assume the leisure activity of the family while worrying about the concern of his family. The Z-Z was at first said to have been seen by the rapper during the Covid-19 rapper’s introduction in the Rap Challenge. After him, the melody, “Eight of the Family He Cares,” contacted the crowd, and the hare, who helped fans, invited Z.

Just because, Yin, Min Z, and Kyaw Zaw made the tune “Food” and accomplished a million supporters inside five hours. While the melody was initially a tune, you had your Z recording in Mandalay, and now you need to come to Yangon to play. About Z, who is in Yangon, he stated, “Welcome, sibling. It is significantly all the more remunerating to send a family home to Yangon, as the guardians are concerned and send the family to the air terminal.

Min Z is coming to Yangon to play out the tune. It was legitimate to take all the letters of proposal and lawful exhortation. Let the finish of the possibility of ​​our siblings as executing accomplices, “composed around his long range informal communication page bunnies with Z air terminal ” himself, never trust when there out where close to air terminal and I had bread to hear the dad of the Brotherhood (3) finished an ideal motivation I might be a great idea to make “enormous crowd share without precedent for the following jump to Z item life. Is it true that you are prepared to applaud the inevitable “Thought” melody that will be a trio?

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