Lin and Chit Wai are a couple in a similar soul, carrying on their work in noble cause. Lin and Chit Thu Wai set up their kids’ names and store another establishment with their benefactors.

The Modern Foundation is as of now giving the medication expected to the infection and is additionally giving a primary school building. Today, Lin gets done with their gift and says, “The grade school building, which is being worked by the establishment, is currently beaten up pretty bad, as the waterfront region before the school is in the image. The establishment of the school has been brought three feet up in stature, however the establishment keeps on arriving on the site and give solid asphalts so youngsters who go to the school will confront troubles.

School gifts; Off Road Donation We will likewise give play area gear to youngsters outside of school. ” Lin and Chit Thwe are uniting with givers to give to a spot that is genuinely out of luck. Congrats to the 7-day Donate Couple and the couple and their team promoters.

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