The guardians of understudies in Inle Gyi Village, U Aye Township, realize that we despite everything have no home, and we have given a little two-story house for a little family.

The guardians of understudies from Inle Gyi Village, where I served from 2015 to 2018, were permitted to remain in this house.

The individual who helped me with the most definite data about the house was the way that U Myo Wai was no picnic for the house.

When Zaw Myo Win from the woodworker group elected to help with crafted by the craftsman, he was affectionately helped by the craftsman. Mya Han Hormah shop (UM) likewise gave a modest quantity of housekeeping every month.

What all the more needs more? A companion and a confided in companion of her sibling’s auntie and sibling, gradually paid off and paid no intrigue.

A couple of wells have been uncovered for nothing and a portion of the bank advances are being worked by U Tin Maung Win, and the guardians and offspring of Zinzone and Paung Thar towns have finished the charitable effort today.

Light Truck’s companions, U Win Myint (a cattle rustler), assisted with conveying the furniture to move the house.

The battle began in April 2018, and in June of 2020, we have a family home and we have a family home.

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