Surprisingly, the new motel was obtained at Co Street at 62 Co Street. He asked, “For what reason do you ask your younger sibling for not wearing a parka in Sagaing Division?”

At the point when they escaped the house, they needed to get 10,000 kyat for every day to get the 10,000 kyat for each day they had been given, and they didn’t take care of the rice or water, and here and there they needed to escape a few times to get them back.

In the event that the kids are youthful, they are not asking for a rental, they are asking for a motorbike, the kids are battling for cash and purchasing their homes and telephones. When you ask, would you like to accomplish something?

He stated, “Indeed, I am.” I was wonderfully astonished at what the child was requesting. They don’t stick. Try not to smoke. Try not to eat betel nut.

And afterward the worker of the Co addressed her and said that you are sheltered. Two clients on Tuesday guaranteed that the store was taken. That is the reason the staff regards his niece, who in some cases owes him noodles. Have a fabulous time in your life.

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